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Message From Head Of School

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in our school!  Here at Nile Academy, our staff members are caring, competent, dedicated and are always eager to assist our students and parents. The faculty members at the Nile Academy work hard to provide a complete and unique education to a culturally diverse student group.  With a very low teacher-to-student ratio, students enjoy the benefits of smaller classes and personalized attention.  For additional help and guidance, teachers at Nile have after school tutoring sessions every day.  In tutoring sessions, students can take advantage of remedial and enrichment work to enhance their classroom experience.  Furthermore, faculty members create internet web pages to provide extra information to students and parents.  In an effort to improve efficiency and minimize environmental impact, the faculty primarily communicate online.  

To promote enrichment learning, Nile teachers encourage their students to participate in local and national festivals and competitions.  Advanced math and science teams train for all levels of competition.  In the twelve years since the establishment of the school, Nile students have participated successfully in the Science and Math Olympiads, Fairs and competitions.  

In a world of constantly changing educational and technological needs, Nile Academy boldly and with innovation, prepares today’s youth for the challenges of tomorrow.


Abdullah Fistik