AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario

The Gr. 9 and 10 Art students had the exciting opportunity to visit the ‘Art Gallery of Ontario,’ where more than 80, 000 famous pieces of artwork are displayed. Students analysed the impressive masterpieces from the Renaissance, Mannerism , Baroque, Rococo, Neo-Classicalism and Romanticism time periods, alongside comparing them to the unique style of the Modern artists. Moreover, they gave special attention to the Canadian collection, which include the priceless paintings by ‘Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven,’ ‘Emily Carr,’ ‘Lawren Harris,’ ‘Robert Bateman’ and ‘Paul Kane.’ Moreover, the highlight of the day included visiting the rare exhibit titled ‘Mystical Landscapes,’ which includes masterpieces from Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Edward Munch and Paul Gauguin. Overall, the students enjoyed sketching a variety of paintings and sculptures, as they carefully analyzed and interpreted the underlying socio-historical meaning linked to each artifact. By and large, the AGO has deeply affected and motivated students to become lifelong learners who have developed a deeper appreciation of artists who have contributed to overall betterment and growth of society.

Ms. Aral – Art Teacher