Art Class: Clay Workshop and Chocolate Crafting

Dear family and friends,

Ms. Aral’s art students had the wonderful hands-on opportunity to enjoy crafting clay desserts. They used special techniques and tools to make exquisite desserts that look scrumptious and irresistible. These include cherry pies, French macarons, croissants, cupcakes, sugar cookies, cinnamon rolls, cheesecake and Turkish Delight (Lokum). This activity prompted students to express their inner creativity, as they developed their motors skills and inner innovative proficiency. Students were provided the opportunity to understand three dimensional shapes, as they molded clay with precision to make various proportionate forms and sizes. The clay workshop was relaxing and calming, as they felt inner serenity and self fulfillment, which was very therapeutic. Overall, students were very proud and confident of their accomplishments, as they molded, shaped, coloured and decorated what was originally a block of solid natural clay!

Moreover, students had the amazing occasion to craft gourmet edible chocolates in the shape of a flower, cupcake, dolphin, bear, trees and snowflakes. Most importantly, students applied their inner passion of delicate skills to create outstanding molds of different coloured chocolates, by using red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. They were very excited and enthusiastic, as they eagerly put forward their utmost energy and artistic inspiration. Students made unique designs and forms from fine quality mint chocolate that of which absolutely looked and tasted delicious. This exciting activity will have a lasting effect on their unforgettable experience, which reminds them of renowned famous chocolatier artisans, such as ‘Lindt’ since 1845 and ‘Godiva’ since 1926!

Best Regard,

Ms. Aral – Art Teacher