Black History Month Assembly with Special Renowned Guest Speaker Mr. Phil Lewis

Nile Academy’s ‘Black History Month Assembly’ that took place on Thursday February 23rd 2017 was a huge success! Thanks to the rigorous support of the school and the sincere dedication of staff, Ms.Halder, Ms.Aral and Ms.Belir, we enjoyed a special motivational speech by renowned body builder champion, business man, spiritual leader, rapper and personal/life coach Mr. Phil Lewis.

When entering the auditorium, students had a chance to admire the artistic stand put together by the Art Teacher, Ms.Aral, where she displayed the creative art work of her students who used ‘pyrography’ (wood burning tools) to create handmade sketched portraits of US President Barack Hussein Obama and several celebrities; such as, Tyler Perry (Media), Bob Marley, Eddie Murphy, Drake, Alicia Keys, Will Smith and Michael Jackson.

Most importantly, during the assembly, Mr. Phil’s highly inspirational speech encouraged each and every student to tap into their utmost potential! Moreover, Mr.Phil enthusiastically shared stories of his life, where he taught himself, his children, family and friends that they can positively ‘program’ their mind, soul and body to reach their goals and dreams!

Furthermore, Mr.Phil explained how ‘students are very fortunate’ to have such a wonderful school, where they have the selfless support of their teachers, staff and parents towards the advancement in education. In addition, Mr.Phil indicated how we are lucky to live in a great country like Canada that gives us ample opportunities to reach our dreams.

By and large, students took away techniques on how to ‘attract’ success in life, where they must believe in their potential accomplishments. In return, this ‘mindset’ allows students to become a ‘winner’ in life by appreciating the ‘gifts’ that are presented, which comes to you in the form of ‘opportunities’ and ‘various abilities.’

Alongside our guest speaker, Nile students shined ‘bright like a diamond,’ where Raihan (Gr.12) took the stage as the announcer and the host of ceremony. On the whole, Naima (Gr.11), Nawal (Gr.12), Saharla (Gr.7), Badra (Gr.7), Sarah (Gr.7) and Fadumo (Gr.7) took great initiative to put together inspirational videos, poetry and wonderful presentations. They spoke with heartfelt passion, where they encouraged students to remember the civic work of inspirational historical leaders, such as Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Muhammad Ali and Elijah McCoy.

On the whole, thanks to our speakers, Nile students learned about how they can also take the initiative to become great leaders, whilst also showing the path to overcome the difficulties certain communities and citizens have faced while growing up in ‘challenging’ neighborhoods and ‘dismantling’ stereotypes. Overall, students were encouraged to be aware, educated and active in becoming a civic contributing members of society that strives to improve the quality of life for everyone!

By: Ms.Z.Belir – Social Studies Teacher