Cupcake Fundraising

Dear Nile family and friends,

We would like to inform you that both myself, Ms. Aral and Ms. Zeynep, have been working meticulously to organize a cupcake sale on Tuesday February 21st. The purpose and goal was to raise funds to have a professional guest speaker come in on Thursday February 23rd, regarding the ‘Black History Month’ assembly.

We have been planning and organizing this bake sale with great enthusiasm, as we have baked from scratch approximately 80 gourmet cupcakes that are very decorative. Moreover, students enjoyed Keurig coffee and Fruite Peach Slushies.

Furthermore, as a tribute, we also played famous songs by renowned Bob Marley; such as, ‘Three Little Birds,’ ‘One Love,’ ‘So Much Trouble in the World,’ ‘Iron, Lion, Zion,’ ‘Buffalo Soldier,’ and ‘Exodus.’ We appreciate everyone’s support and initiation during the lunch hour, as we enjoyed the delicious sweets and the ambiance.

Much thanks for supporting this fundraising event that encourages students to participate in the spirit of civic initiation and community involvement. On the whole, we altogether proudly celebrated the rich diversity of African American culture and heritage, which is commonly known as ‘Black History Month.’

Best Regards,

Ms. Aral and Ms. Zeynep