Nile Academy’s ESL Program is a unique preparation program for English Second Language (ESL) students aged 14 to 17, which linguistically, academically and culturally prepares them for the demands of the Canadian educational environment.

The ESL Program provides courses designed to help students transition from an ESL environment to a full English Academic Program. It is our goal to have students excel both in and out of an academic environment. .

Students in our program acquire strong skills in vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, listening, writing and pronunciation, through studies centered on math, science, social studies and English literature.

Our program embraces a content-rich, high-standards curriculum through which we prepare ESL students to become academically successful in their future learning, as well as familiar with the North American culture and social requirements.

Language support is also offered to all students each year who are required to write the Ministry of Education Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). This is a mandatory test administered to all graduating students who must pass in order to receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma

In addition, Nile Academy offers tutorials for students that require assistance with preparing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) on each module of the test. The tutorials take place after school or on the weekend.