Dear Nile Family & Friends,

On Tuesday March 28th 2017, guest speakers from Ernestine’s women’s shelter, participated in a workshop with Nile high school students. Ms.Khadija, who is a coordinator at Ernestine’s, gave special thanks to Nile students and teachers for recently organizing a fund-raiser on Friday March 24th 2017, where Ms. Halder – high school teacher, ¬†with the support of student council, helped collect Food, Funds, Clothing and Toiletries.

Furthermore, Ms.Belir – social science teacher, also provided insight into these issues, by sharing her experience as a researcher in this field, through the support of the Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict at the UofT. Moreover, Ms.Belir explained how she had the chance to interview women and families abroad and visit news paper archives, in order to provide further insight into the importance of shelters that protect children, women, men and families who may be experiencing a crisis.

Overall, Ms. Khadija and her volunteer colleague, both expressed how Ernestine’s women’s shelter, who has been active in the community for 33 years, very much appreciates all of the help Nile students have provided in the past years. In addition, during the seminar, students were advised of how they can protect their personal information on the world wide web, especially through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, where people can become vulnerable to cyber-bulling and on-line exploitation.

On the whole, this workshop was a valuable opportunity, as students listened eagerly and engaged in Q&A sessions.¬† By and large, Nile students learned about how they can further contribute back to society, become better informed citizens who are aware of the issues that surround women, men, children and families who are seeking shelter from difficult situations. Much thanks to our guest speakers from Ernestine’s Women’s shelter, our staff and students for making this conference a great success!

Best Regards,

Ms.Belir – Social Science Teacher