Gr.10 Field Trip to the University of Toronto (St. George Campus) & Queens Park – Legislative Assembly (Parliament)

Dear Nile Family and Friends,

Students enrolled in CHC2P – Gr.10 Canadian History with Ms.Belir and CHV20 – Gr.10 Civics with Ms.Nasrin, attended a valuable field trip to the University of Toronto – St. George Campus and Queens Park – The Legislative Parliament. The day was welcoming as there were sunny breaks in between, which made the ‘general guided- walking tour’ an educational outdoor pragmatic trip. Students had the wonderful opportunity to experience the daily life of a university student who spends most of their days on campus, whilst also familiarizing themselves with the complex tasks of being involved in parliamentary duties and civic citizenship.

Overall, students explored various historical academic buildings, colleges, athletic centers and popular intersections. The tour began with a visit to the breathtaking University College (UC) located at 15 King’s College Circle, which is approximately 16,812 square meters and was constructed in the year 1858. They were fascinated to find out that the UC building is home to various unique undergraduate programs, such as Cognitive Science, Canadian Studies and the Trudeau Centre for Peace, Conflict and Justices Studies. Utmost importantly, students showed their respect at the Soldiers’ Tower, where they honoured the 1000+ University of Toronto students, professors and staff/faculty, who ‘gave’ their lives and served their country during WWI and WWII. Furthermore, students continued their UofT practical tour, by exploring Hart House, which included its beautiful ‘Harry Potter’ style-like library, conference rooms, open concept back-yard and fitness centre. Moreover, students keenly marked their tour along King’s College Circle, where they noted Convocation Hall, Gerstein Science Centre and the Medical Science building, while they also had a chance to visit and take a lunch break at Robarts Library, which is a 14 floor complex that holds more than 4.5 million books.

By and large, after a relaxing lunch break, students headed over to their afternoon program at Queens Park – The Legislative Building that was constructed in 1893, which stands magnificent with its outstanding art collection, architecture and heritage. During this very informative guided tour, students participated in interactive Q & A sessions, whilst also deeply engaging in discussions about the voting/electoral system, as they acted out the perspectives of various citizens of society. Utmost importantly, during the tour, both Gr.10 Civics (CHV20) and Gr.10 Canadian History (CHC2P) students gained vital insight into the various functions of the Legislative Assembly, where they observed the live debate within the house, where MPP’s discussed current issues that are pertinent to responsible governing and law-making within the province. On the whole, Gr.10 students received a first-hand experience on how their participation within society will encourage them to become civic-minded citizens , where they can also voice their opinions regarding current events and issues that are core values of our Canadian democratic process.

Best Regards,

Social Science Teachers:

Ms.Belir (CHC2D/P) & Ms.Nasrin (CHV20)