Nile Academy offers students from around the world a wonderful opportunity to live and study in one of Canada’s excellent boarding programs.

Students will:

  • Enjoy a unique and exciting learning environment
  • Broaden international understanding and perspective
  • Develop greater self-reliance and understanding
  • Make new and lasting friendships
  • Challenge their way of thinking and learning
  • Strengthen their English language skills

When International students decide to register to Nile Academy they are asked to forward a copy of their transcript to the Admissions Office. Nile Academy will be sent “Acceptance Letter” to start visa process.

When international students are planning to attend a school in Canada, there are Canadian governmental documents that must be completed during the application process. The student must apply for a Study Permit before enrolling in a Canadian school. International high school students studying in Canada are also required to have an adult legal guardian living in Canada. In addition, students will also need to arrange for health and dental coverage while attending a Canadian school.

The student Visa application is the first step taken for a student hoping to attend school in Canada. The Visa application should be made before the student enrolls in a school away from home. Each country has a different process for student Visa application; find out what is required for your child by contacting your nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate, or visiting Citizenship and Immigration Canada on the web at Once the student has been granted a student Study Permit for Canada, the government office will issue a approval of Study Permit letter. This letter must be presented when the student arrives at Toronto Pearson International airport or your first port of entry into Canada. Immigration Canada will replace the letter with a “study permit” which will be stapled inside the student’s passport. This is a very important official document. Immigration Canada validates the student permit for one full year. At Nile Academy, the Admissions Office is prepared to assist with the process to renew the student’s study permit on your behalf. If you would like the school to coordinate this process for you, please notify the Admissions Office three months before the study permit expires.. Parents will want to keep a photocopy of their child’s legal documents such as Study Permits, passports, and any other Visa related to the child’s passport.


The Canadian Embassy/Consulate requires international high school students (studying in Canada) to provide contact information for someone who will act as an adult legal guardian. The guardian must live in Canada. Often the guardian is connected to the family as a family friend or relative. Nile Academy can assist families in this process. Should securing a legal guardian for your child pose a problem, please contact our Admissions Office for further assistance at 416-285 0105


International students need to arrange for health and dental coverage while at school in Canada. Students who hold Canadian citizenship, Official Landed Immigrant Status, or Permanent Residency Status should apply for Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) coverage. The Admissions Office can assist families with this process. International students who do not have OHIP coverage, must provide documentation showing they have medical coverage through their parents, or may purchase the “International Student Medical Plan” offered by an insurance company affiliated with the school. When an international student has a doctor’s appointment, Nile Academy pays the doctor directly and charges the student’s school account. These medical charges will appear on the student’s monthly statement; the doctor’s original invoice will be attached to the bill. Parents pay their monthly Nile Academy statement, and then submit the medical expenses directly to their insurance company. Detailed information about medical coverage and associated costs are sent to families in April each year. For more information on OHIP and the International Student Medical Plan, contact the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care at

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