Ms. Aral’s Art Class at Nile Academy

Art students at Nile Academy are achieving their utmost potential through the use of challenging mediums, such acrylic paints, water colours, gouche, pastels, wax, clay, Papier-mâché, Japanese glass seed beads, charcoal, art pencils and pine wood. In Ms.Aral Art class, students are really enjoying workshops, as it provides them with a forum for safe expression, imagination, exploration, communication and exchange of cultural and historical understanding.

As scientific research reveals, Art classes strengthen the student’s ability to solve problems, whilst applying their critical thinking skills. Moreover, art classes help students with the development of their cognitive and creative skills, which in turn allows them to further succeed in their academic studies. Allowing students to take Art, increases their motivation to come to school, whilst providing a balance in their educational experience.

By and large, students diligently learn about famous artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse and Leonardo Da Vinci. They are also learning about art related to the Stone Age, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Byzantium Empire, Renaissance, Rococo, Mannerism, Baroque, Neo-Classicalism, Romanticism, Surrealism and Pop Art. Moreover, they are covering theory related to Motivated Art, Unmotivated Art and the meaning of ‘What is Art?’

Overall, through Art class, Ms.Aral is not only teaching students to respect and show tolerance towards multicultural differences, but is also encouraging students to celebrate diversity and be more open minded. Due to the nature of Art class, students are learning that collaboration is key to success, which in turn further helps them with their communication, complex problem solving and leadership skills.

Utmost importantly, through regular participation in Art class, students are learning how to regulate their self-confidence and self-discipline. Through the recommendation and guidance of the Art teacher, students are learning how to be persistent in achieving high quality work via revision and application of special techniques.

By: Ms. Aral– Art Teacher