Multicultural Day and Children’s Festival

On Friday April 28th, Nile Academy hosted its annual Multicultural Day and Children’s Festival. The event was a huge success as we welcomed Nile families, as well as members of the community. We had various booths displaying food and cultural artifacts from countries around the world including Italy, Srilanka, India, Turkey, Uzbekistan and many more.

In addition to the displays,¬† an exciting show was put on by our very own students. From Kindergarten to grade 12, our students¬† showcased their talents through dance and musical performance. To mention just a few, the grade 1’s put on a heartwarming performance of the Mexican Hat Dance; additionally the grade 2’s performed an Ojibwe song called “Ahinn Boozo Kin Weya”; and grades 3, 5, and 6 put on an exciting cultural fashion show from over 15 different nations. Even our high school students showcased their musical talent by playing songs using various string instruments.

In the light of our award winning students, MP Judy Sgro presented them with awards in honour of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  They were awarded for their achievements in EQAO (first in Ontario!), the Toronto Science Fair , the Speech Contest, the Spelling Bee, Wrestling, and the UOIT Robotics Competition.

Overall the festival was a grand success. We had a big turnout from the surrounding community, and we thank all those who were able to join us for this exciting day.