The One of a Kind Art Show

The Gr. 7 and 8 Art class had the wonderful opportunity to visit the ‘One of a Kind Art Show’ at the Exhibition Place. Originally, this show was established in 1975 for local artists to display the creative masterpieces. Presently, the show encompasses more than 25 000 square feet, where more than 800 local artists display astonishing pieces of art and artisan made goods. Students had the chance to meet wood carvers, weavers, sewers, painters, sculptors and much more. They discovered new companies and learned about the different artistic skills they use, whilst comparing and contrasting hand-made goods to those made in factories. The highlight of the day included decorating delicious butter holiday cookies at the DeSerres Art Workshop. One the whole, the outstanding experience these students had will always be cherished, as the ‘One of a Kind Art Show’ provided an uplifting ambiance and an educational inspiration.

Ms. Aral – Art Teacher