Meet Nile Academy’s dedicated staff.

School Administration

Saadettin Ozcan

Mr. Saadettin Ozcan Principal

“Nile Academy is a great learning environment for students due to our  highly qualified and dedicated staff and supportive parents. I am so happy to be a part of this great family and I would like to say thank you for your continued support, as we travel on this learning journey together.” -Saadettin Ozcan (

Mr. Anar Mehraliyev
Vice Principal

Mr. Eyup Ozeler
Vice Principal

Mr. Yakup Camur
Guidance Counsellor

Ms. Sehriban Akili Catal
JK Teacher

Ms. Gulzar Maharramova
SK Teacher

Ms. Asiya Popalzay
Grade 1 Teacher

Ms. Luana Mantovan
Grade 2 Teacher

Ms. Jyoti Kochhar
Grade 3 Teacher

Ms. Alicia Patterson
Grade 4 Teacher

Ms. Monika Kumar
Grade 5 Teacher

Ms. Aathi Sivapalan
Grade 6 Teacher 

Department of English

Mr. Jeffrey Bowring

Mr. Jeffrey Bowring, ESL, English Teacher

“I try to instil a love of lifelong learning in my students, whatever that learning looks like to them.  I learn from them as they learn from me, without a doubt!” – Jeffrey Bowring

Ms. Ena Cengic
ESL Teacher

Mr. Rocco Zingarelli
English/Drama Teacher

Department of Mathematics

Mr. Esat Gokce

Mr. Esat Gokce, Math

“Nile academy provides all students with a safe and positive learning environment. I try to encourage students to learn math, love math and live math for their academic success.” – Esat Gokce (

Mr. Seyfullah Aslan
Math Teacher

Ms. Gunel Mehraliyeva
Math Teacher

Department of Social Sciences

Ms. Anastasia Yurovitsky
Social Sciences

Ms. Noreen Halder
Social Sciences

Ms. Zeynep Belir
Social Sciences

Physical Education

Mr. Yasin Kaya

Mr. Yasin Kaya, Phys Ed and Wrestling Coach

“Producing genuinely enlightened people who are motivated by love and take action to serve others.” – Yasin Kaya ( )

Ms. Hulya Kanca
Phys Ed Teacher

Department of Science

Mr. Mustafa Cure

Mr. Mustafa Cure, Science Teacher

Mr. Istikbal Turut

Mr. Istikbal Turut, Science Teacher

“Whoever wants to be a leader should educate himself before educating others. Before preaching to others he should first practice himself. Whoever educates himself and improves his own morals is superior to the man who tries to teach and train others.” – Istikbal Turut (

Ms. Ubah Barre Mohamud
Science Teacher

French Department 

Ms. Etleva Xhaferi
French Teacher

  Art Department


Qazim Kallushi, Music

Ms. Aral Belir
Visual Arts Teacher

Social Ethics Department

Ms. Zehra Zumrutpinar
Social Ethics Teacher

Mr. Fatih Krimizci
Social Ethics Teacher