Nile Academy Ranking at Various Fields

nile-academy-rankingsSince 2005 Nile Academy has been providing the Greater Toronto Area with a state-of-the-art education program. Our elementary and middle schools focus on giving students the academic foundation that they will need for the rest of their lives. We believe in fostering confidence and courage in our girls and boys from the moment they step into our schools.

Nile Academy Ranking for Graduates

Once our students have that foundation, at the high school level we focus on preparing our students for world-class universities in Canada and the rest of the world. Our alumni have secured places for themselves at institutes of prestige such as York University, University of Toronto and University of Alberta.

Nile Academy Ranking for Sports

Education at Nile Academy does not end with the mind though. Our focus is an education of the mind and the body. Our gym teachers and coaches help our students compete and win at sports competitions all over Canada. Our boys wrestling team is a testament to this claim. Most recently this team won gold at the National Capital Wrestling Festival.

Nile Academy Ranking for Robotics

Another way we stand out from other schools is our focus on co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that boost our students’ learning inside and outside the classrooms. Recently our students took part in the Sumobot Robotic Engineering Competition at UOIT and placed 3rd amongst 44 participating school. Furthermore, our students take part in and rank at various Olympiads in Canada and the United States.

Nile Academy Ranking for ESL

We realize that Canada is an immigrant society. In order to meet the needs of new-comers we offer intensive ESL classes for those students who arrive in Canada at the high school level. After intensive English Language learning our students join their peers in other high school level courses and prepare with them for university.

Nile Academy Dormitory

Nile Academy is not just a school. We are an immersive living experience for our dormitory resident high school students. Our dorm residents arrive from all over the world. We help these students get accustomed to the language and the culture of Canada. To help in this acclimatization we organize educational and entertaining field trips for our students. At our dormitories and schools we give our students the structure and the discipline to help them succeed in the real world. Students follow a code of conduct here that will help them become moral and ethical members of society.

Education & Ethics

And that brings us to our final major focus: an education in ethics. Once a week students from a myriad of different religious backgrounds sit together in a course of Social Ethics. Here are students are given their moral compasses. Here we build on the training their guardians have already instilled in them, making them responsible citizens. References: UOIT Engineering Robotics Competition: National Capital Wrestling Festival:

Nile Academy Ranking in EQAO

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