Ms.Belir’s Gr.8 History class had an inspirational day at Black Creek Pioneer Village,

where they had the opportunity to meet the crew of Anne of Green Gables and observe

the filming of this award winning TV series. They enjoyed analyzing ;handmade artifacts

dating back to the 1800’s, such as newspapers published by the traditional printing

press, alongside the weaving of carpets, spinning of wool and the making of tools at the

blacksmith shop. Furthermore, students learned to appreciate the challenges faced by

early settlers, such as making fresh butter and bread, planting seeds, growing crops

and looking after live stock on the farm. Overall, Ms.Belir, together with the tour guide,

provided a firsthand account on how life was  during the Confederation era of Canada,

where students learned about ways pioneer youth helped out with daily chores around

the home and participated in building a healthy community in a new land!

-Ms. Belir