The benefits of extracurricular activities for students

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There are an array of benefits for extracurricular activities being used by students. Some of these benefits may include increased confidence, new skills, strengthening relationships, making new friends, sharpening communication skills and having fun! At Nile Academy, we encourage our students to participate in clubs and activities that appeal to them. Not only does this evoke self-discovery, but strengthens our sense of community.



Sports are extremely valuable as they can promote physical health, mental wellbeing, teamwork, communication and friendship building. Healthy competition teaches students ways to learn from error, be a polite winner and gain new skills.


Arts are crucial to student learning, creativity and expression. Arts allow for a space where students can exercise their brain and express their feelings. Students who practice art are able to gain valuable insight and knowledge regarding art history, methods, styles and techniques. Amongst all of this, it provides a way to practice mental wellness and self-care.


Academic clubs are valuable as they take class topics and reframe it in such a way that promotes student learning through alternative methods. For example, friendly competitions, experiments or presentations are just some of the ways in which students can expand their learning. In addition to this, students are also able to work collaboratively in order to problem-solve.


Music classes and clubs are a fantastic activity to participate in! By learning how to play an instrument or participate in singing, you are not only gaining a new skill or talent, you are training your brain to understand and learn the language of music. This dynamic way of thinking and learning helps students to be more adaptable within a classroom setting as well.


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