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Nile Academy

Online School

Nile Academy Online school is an academically proven successful private online high school, under the umbrella of Nile Academy, in Ontario. Inclusive curriculum aligning with the Ministry of Education’s standards, integrated with self-sacrificed teaching and guidance staff establish on unique of its kind educational setting.

NA Online School provides support at its campus in Toronto with full access to guidance and support staff. Online School sends all grades to OUAC as they are available, so your grades will always be up to date.

By investing academic excellence gained in day-school since 2004, Nile Academy Online school has created an online high school learning platform and exciting course development. We have joined the game to redefine the definition of online learning in Ontario. When you register with Nile Academy Online you are part of a significant educational community recognized in Canada.

What We Offer

  • Self paced, within certain time intervals
  • Immediate access to course content
  • Tailored schedule according to your availability
  • Quick response and correspondence
  • Affordable online courses

Online School FAQ

Why should I take online courses in Canada?

  • Lower tuition fees compared to the US or UK.
  • Opportunity to receive admission and scholarships*
  • Quality education

Why should I prefer Nile Online?

  • Affordable university pathway program
  • OSSD designation in one year*
  • Canadian diploma and local diploma at the same time
  • Career goals focused on enriched learning

When can I start?

  • Courses are offered as asynchronous self-paced.

What courses Nile Academy offer?

  • ESLCO, ESLDO, ESLEO (English as a Second Language)
  • ENG3U, ENG4U (English)
  • MCR3U, MHF4U, MCV4U, MDM4U (Mathematics)
  • SCH4U (Chemistry)
  • SPH4U (Physics)
  • SBI4U (Biology)
  • BB4M, BOH4M (Business)
  • OLC4O (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course)

Do I need to pay for university application?

  • When a package bought, application and sending grades to 3 universities are included.

Will Nile Academy guide me for the university application?

  • You will receive full access to the Nile Academy Guidance Counsellor services.

Will Nile Academy help me find scholarships?

  • Guidance Counselling includes scholarship application support.
All dates and times are subject to change. Nile Academy reserves the right to cancel courses at any time, for lack of sufficient enrolment. In the event a course is withdrawn, students will have priority access to another course or will receive a full refund. Students are required to show proof of pre-requisite prior to the start of a course. If a student fails to complete the requirement, the student will have the option of changing into a course which they qualify for or having a credit applied to their balance.