Nile Academy Kindergarten Program

Nile Academy’s Kindergarten program is uniquely designed for the educational, emotional and social needs of four and five-year-old students.

The introductory years of your child’s education should inspire a love of learning, and Nile’s Kindergarten Program is an exceptional way to accomplish that.


Students in our Kindergarten education program are encouraged to let their innate curiosity and imagination guide their educational introduction. In conjunction with our educators, students are introduced and immersed in subjects and experiences that will have them exceptionally prepared for primary grades and beyond. Our small class sizes allow for greater attention, resources and supplies to be used by our students, thus resulting in a richer educational environment.


  • Our unique programs and lesson guides provide students with the tools needed to prepare them for key components of learning such as reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Our use of the Handwriting Without Tears Model, helps in proficient handwriting as it uses multisensory teaching models to appeal to all types of learners.
  • Hands on science experiences are integrated into Kindergarten lesson plans daily, as an introductory method to the subject (For example, our Butterfly Life Cycle unit uses butterfly raising kits)
  • Music classes and Art activities are valuable to our program as it nurtures our students imagination and creativity which can strengthen their abstract thinking skills.

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