Clubs & Tutoring

Clubs & Tutoring

Nile Academy offers a wide range of recreational and educational afterschool clubs and tutoring programs to enhance each student’s social, cognitive, physical and intellectual wellbeing. We have something to appeal to the likes of every student as we wish to promote individuality through our programs.

List of Clubs



Tutoring is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays for grades 1-12 students who are selected by their teachers to ensure they are receiving the help they need.


Board Games Club

This club introduces new board games whilst improving cognitive function, concentration and critical thinking skills.


Music Club

Nile offers a wide range of musical training for students using instruments such as violin, cello, keyboard or guitar.



Photography club offers students the opportunity to learn proper photo taking skills in a variety of settings.


Chess Club

Chess club teaches students the fundamentals of this beloved game while allowing room for friendly competition.


Mind Games

This club is designed for students interested in expanding their strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, visual/ auditory perception and logic.


Student Council Club

Student council is a very important club as it promotes leadership, community and education while assisting in school events and functions.


Web Design Club

This club focuses on allowing students to learn different programs and software’s to best express their design preferences using a variety of mediums.



Coding club teaches students a variety of skills and methods to learn the fundamentals of coding.