How to Motivate a Child Who is Unmotivated

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Homework, lessons and long days can be quite daunting for many students. At Nile Academy, we understand how this can affect the motivation of a child and want to use an array of teaching methods to best keep students engaged and interested, so they can reach their full potential. 

Understanding the ways in which a child behaves and learns is often a crucial step in creating activities that will best suit their learning styles. For example, some students are tactile learners while others are auditory or visual. What this means is that one student may be most successful using methods that are physically engaging such as using blocks or objects to count, if they are a tactile learner, while other learners would thrive using different methods. 

In addition to this, being present for your child is a huge help in keeping them motivated and successful. Especially in online learning, many students need additional help. Even something as simple as asking your child what they learned today, or what their favourite lessons include, is a great way to keep your child excited and current with their education. 

If you find that your child is particularly unmotivated, perhaps try to integrate methods that promote what they are learning in a way that appeals to their personal interests. For example, if your child likes a certain character and is practising their literacy skills, they can work on structuring a story about the character. Even rewarding good behaviours such as efforts completed homework or positive feedback can make a world of difference to a child. 

At Nile Academy, our teachers want to maintain a positive and open relationship with parents, as this will benefit the child greatly. Parents and teachers can work together to ensure that the student is on the right path to stay motivated and reach their full potential.

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