Anti-Bullying Assembly

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On Friday, October 16th, students at Nile Academy attended a virtual Anti-Bullying assembly via Zoom, presented by Ms. Aral. Students were informed about the definition of bullying and its emotional impact. They were reminded that bullying can be directly face to face, as it is verbal, physical and psychological or indirect, behind someone’s back, which entails exclusion, gossip and relational aggression. Students were encouraged to not be a passive bystander and rather to be proactive when they witness bullying. They need to immediately inform a teacher/staff member, in order to have an adult intervene. Most importantly, students pledged to treat others with respect and dignity, regardless of their ethnicity, capabilities, culture, personality or socio-economic background. Students were able to further express their thoughts and opinions, as they presented artistic posters, poems and speeches. Overall, students were reminded about the importance of being kind, caring and compassionate towards others, as they aim to eliminate prejudice, inequality and discrimination.

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